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AI assistant for Marketing, Sales and RevOps

Write emails, blog posts, social posts faster than ever. Create better ads. Reply to customer comments faster. Generate your next marketing ideas.

AI-powered HubSpot Automation

Get the power of OpenAI inside HubSpot

AIssistify brings the power of OpenAI (technology behind GPT-chat) in HubSpot CRM 

Use any custom prompts inside HubSpot Workflows. OpenAI models work great with tasks like summarizing, data formatting, translation. 

AIssistify for HubSpot writes draft of email replies (for this feature we use customized AI model trained of 1000s of sales email copies). 

For Enterprise customers we offer creation of your custom AI models trained on your material (for example we can take emails written by your sales managers and train AI algorithms to generate better replies in your style.


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We help B2B Marketing, Sales and RevOps teams to perform better with AI-powered tools

Outbound Campaigns

Automate data enrichment, create better personalized emails in seconds, automatically create drafts of emails and Linkedin messages.  

Inbound campaigns

Automate customer personalized response drafts, Summarize customer request and use it in automatic reply. Identify seniority and job function by a job title. Get rid of spam-leads. 

Content marketing and SEO

Generate content that passes AI-generated text checks. Generate guest posts, expand your content, correct grammar and generate meta tags that stand out in SERP.

Websites and landing pages

Generate landing pages content, generate CTAs and ideas for improving conversion rates. 

Social media posts and profiles

Generate social media posts, profiles/bios, comments and ad copy.

Customer success

Classify customer requests and tickets, prioritize tickets, personalize automated customer replies.


Get customized AI-solution for your requirements

We help preparing data, train and test OpenAI model based on your data.

We help you prepare and automate prompts that your team don't need to remember.

And we help you connecting AI with the software you use.



Linkedin Ads Generator

Generate engaging Linkedin Ads in just 30 seconds. Just paste URL of your website and you're one click away from doubling your CTRs. 


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